15 January 2014

Be aware

It has been a really hectic few days between hospital appointments, dentist appointments, trying to get out to the last of the sales, Carson not sleeping so great and Chris being back at work this week has past so quick! 

Firstly, I would like to explain why I was attending the hospital as I feel it is important to be aware of symptoms. During my pregnancy I noticed that some of my moles started to change so I felt it was important that I got them checked out to be on the safe side.  I seen the GP while I was pregnant and she referred me to the hospital.  I have never been so glad that I was pro active about the matter! The doctor at the hospital described two of my moles as pre-cancerous which basically means that she couldn't tell me 100% that it was cancer without testing but there was a high possibility that if they were left without being removed in the future cancer would develop. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to get them both removed and tested.  So I suppose for anyone reading this just take a wee check of any moles you may have and if they have changed shape or feel different (eg. itching, burning) see your GP just to be sure.   

Anyways, on a totally different track it is mid January and the sales are dwindling and are nearing the end. I was able to fit an afternoon of shopping in after my hospital appointment as my mum was taking care of Carson for the day.  Over the years I have seen a pattern in my sales shopping, I get a bit blown away with the reduction of the price and not asking myself the question 'do I really need this item?!'. This leaves me with many items that I never wear and are waste of money.  To be fair this year I have picked up a few items that I am really pleased with and I feel I will get plenty of wear. 

One of my favorite items is this flocked dress which I picked up for £29.99.  I am still in the process of trying to loose the mummy tummy so the clinch just below the waist is not the best for my body shape at the moment (kinda makes me look like i'm still pregnant). However, I do think in a couple of weeks this dress will be gorgeous on as I love the vintage look the dress has.  The sheer sleeve is perfect as I hate my upper arms and the dress length is perfect to wear with tights. 

Have you picked up any worthy bargains from the sales so far?? Vx   

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  1. I contemplated buying this dress too, some months ago. The design and fabric are nice. But I am not a huge fan of black, so I decided against it. Was very tempted though, I must say.

    I have my moles checked once per year and last time a cancer was discovered and removed. It left quite a large scar on my back, but I am just happy that it was caught early!

    Good luck with your health and all!


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