19 October 2014

October New clothes #2

With my hen do only next week I really need to get organised with what I will be wearing. We are heading to Malta for 4 nights staying in St Julian at Le Meridian Spa hotel and I cannot wait!

I have been trying on all my holiday clothes, but none of my bikinis fit anymore so I bought a really nice black and white swimsuit from debenhams(with the obligatory tummy control element and low leg).

Now that the sales are in full swing I love a bit of Urban Outfitters for holiday clothes. I bought a couple of loose fitting tops, a pair of black levi shorts and a black mid length kimono/cardigan. I will probably wear the shorts most days and change my top.

Do you have any favourite items of clothes you bring on holidays?

(Pictures taken from Urban Outfitters website)

Levi shorts: £20

Cardigan: £20  

17 October 2014

October New clothes!

Since having Carson I have put off buying new clothes as I still have my 'mummy tummy' and really hope at some stage in the future I might br able to fit back into my pre pregnancy clothes. But as I love to shop and since Carson is turning 1 next month I decided the time is now for some new clothes.

My go to place is always Zara, as I always find something I really like and age appropriate (as much as I am clinging on to Topshop). As I don't get out shopping as much these days I did a bit of Internet shopping and I am looking forward to getting out and about in my new items.

I really like the length of the burgandy dress and I love the sleeves, it is so versitile. The boots are really for work, on trend with the track sole yet stylish with the cutout. I will probably wear these two items together.

Dress: Zara £17.99
Boots:Zars £29.99

What do you think?

(Pictures from Zara website)

14 October 2014

Wedding invitations #2

As I have decided on my wedding invitations and evening invitations I wanted to share some of the other designs I really liked.

Pinterest is really good for wedding invitations either for inspiration to make them yourself or to purchase (though most times the designs a I loved where out of my price range).

There were many designs and ideas I liked. My first love was watercolour invitations. I really love the quirky, romantic feel that beautiful watercolour invitations make you feel and i do think that beautiful hand painted watercolour invitations sets a really nice tone to a relaxed, beautiful wedding. I found it is very expensive to have invitations hand painted and printed but if you like this idea check etsy for watercolour clipart and design your own on photo shop or even Microsoft Word. I did commission a lady to paint a watercolour portrait of Chris and I with the notion of putting it on out invitations (picture below) however I did change my mind as I have done many times throughout wedding planning.

I love rustic, personal invitations with wood themes which is why I was drawn to tree pictures, burlap/hessian, and twine. I also got the idea for my booklets from pintrest. The ones shown here are sewn down the side for the bind where I used eyelets to hold the booklets together.

Wedding hair

The wedding is coming round so quickly, only 12 weeks to go. At the moment I am finishing off my invitations so by the end of the month I can head off on my hen do with all work on them completed.
It is about time I make decisions on the little details. Today I'm considering what hair styles I like for my four bridesmaids and myself.
Without wanting to say too much I should explain a little of what's been happening so far. I bought my dress many months ago from Ivory and Pearl in Comber Northern Ireland. My dress is couture and very unique it really is beautiful and full of detail, but I don't want to give too much away! Saying that my wedding has taken a bohemian theme, my bridesmaids dresses are plain with slight cowl neck and high back so I want hair and make up to tie in.
At the moment I am considering putting the girls hair up very loose and perhaps my hair in a style up for the wedding that I can take down for the evening. I have not as yet went back to collect my dress (as I am completely scared I will have changed my mind on it) but I am picking it up start of November. So I don't know about a veil yet or shoes that's all to come.
Here is some pictures of hair styles I quite like at the moment...

13 October 2014

1970s revival

I am the kind of person that needs a little change every now and then just to keep things interesting. With influences from the Internet, especially Pinterest, I have become quite obsessed with interior design and I have boards for every room including the decor and furniture that I would like. I particulary love deep colour palettes and 1970's or industrial furniture.

Only last week I took upon myself a major redecoration of my upstairs. Two of the bedrooms have been the same since I moved in 5 years ago and I felt it was time for a change.

I sold all my trusty ikea furniture and started the hunt for new pieces. The master bedroom is quite large so I decided to paint the two end walls a very deep regal forest green (paint:1829 colour:whinchester 3 coats) which to my surprise is amazing on the walls, it really catches your eye when entering  the room.

Chris and I then decided we would like a 1970s feel to the bedroom, our budget didn't stretch to new wooden floors so we cleaned and spruced up the cream carpet and I bought a faux sheepskin rug (initially for the floor but since has been used for the end of the bed as my two cats are obsessed with it). 

My hunt for a 1970s piece of furniture (that didn't break our budget but was also an interesting looking, solid piece) came to an end after a week of searching websites, gumtree and eBay in particular. I found a 1970s G PLAN dresser with large landscape mirror which looked gorgeous and perfect for our size of bedroom (take a sneak peak at the picture but it doesn't include th e mirror). I also bought new bed linen from habitats plain range in oatmeal and got a retro light fitting from Homebase which was an absolute steal for £5!

So the bedroom is coming together nicely, there are a few more little items I would like to get, I need to think about maybe a stool as a bedside table and lamps but we are both loving our new bedroom.

The box bedroom was also redecorated. It had previously been a walk in wardrobe where we had the ikea pax range throughout. I've since three of the walls a chalk white and one 'feature' wall navy blue (crown colour :new york). We also pulled up the carpet as it was in horrendous shape after taking the wardrobes out so we put down a wood like vinyl which I was dubious about but has pleasantly surprised me to how good it actually looks and it will be hard wearing.

We are looking to purchase a hairpin desk and industrial chair of some sort if anyone knows of something similar for a good price please let me know. I bought new duvet cover and sheets from Habitat in charcoal with black trim  (which are slightly blue in tone) which are gorgeous.  So all in all we have had a busy week, the work is still in progress but I think it will come together once I source all the furniture and soft furnishings.

I will put pictures up shortly here's a sneak peek at my G Plan dresser....


6 October 2014

Wedding plans in progress

Hello to all and sorry I haven't posted in a while the past couple of months have been madness with Carson nearly a year old and wedding plans in the mix I'm up to my eyes!

I'm going to share with you some of my wedding bits and bobs at the moment I am finishing off my invitations (which have taken me forever to design, print and make).  What do you think?

We have most things booked (we should have by now time is running out!) Penthouse booked, cake booked, photographer booked....I pick up my wedding dress at the end of the month!

Do all brides freak out about there wedding dress? I picked mine about 6 months ago now and haven't seen it since. Now I'm wondering will I still like it??

Anyway, I will be better and posting and updating about wedding excitement!


29 January 2014

30 diamonds for my 30th!

Well didn't I get a surprise this morning....

I absolutely love it! I think Chris choose so well as I love the vintage look of the ring, I could not be happier!

Sorry short post but really just wanted to share :) Vx

23 January 2014

Just a little update...

This week has been a busy shopping week with the search focused on what I want to wear this Saturday. My 30th birthday weekend has finally arrived and the celebrations (and of course cocktail drinking) starts at 1pm Saturday afternoon with the restaurant booked for 6pm and then heading on a birthday pub crawl around Belfast's best pubs and clubs. 

I have been eating healthy cutting out nearly all sweet things and walking up to 3 mile a day to get rid of the extra baby weight and I have nearly lost a stone from my son's birth in November so I am on my way to my target dress size 10. 

It is hard while losing weight to know what size of clothes to buy as I love clothes and shopping but I am still unsure about how to dress my new body shape. I know if I stay on track I will not be this size for long and don't want to waste money on clothes that are not going to fit me in a couple of months.  My wardrobe now consists of a range of clothes sizes from 8-14.  At the moment I am a firm size 12 which I am really happy with.

Carson is doing really well, he is eating lots and now sleeps through the night so Chris and I feel very lucky that Carson is as chilled as we are. I am hoping at some stage over the next couple of weekends that Chris and I can take Carson for his first trip to Dublin.  I love Dublin city and it would be Carson's first 'baby day out'...so I will keep you all updated.  Vx


15 January 2014

Be aware

It has been a really hectic few days between hospital appointments, dentist appointments, trying to get out to the last of the sales, Carson not sleeping so great and Chris being back at work this week has past so quick! 

Firstly, I would like to explain why I was attending the hospital as I feel it is important to be aware of symptoms. During my pregnancy I noticed that some of my moles started to change so I felt it was important that I got them checked out to be on the safe side.  I seen the GP while I was pregnant and she referred me to the hospital.  I have never been so glad that I was pro active about the matter! The doctor at the hospital described two of my moles as pre-cancerous which basically means that she couldn't tell me 100% that it was cancer without testing but there was a high possibility that if they were left without being removed in the future cancer would develop. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to get them both removed and tested.  So I suppose for anyone reading this just take a wee check of any moles you may have and if they have changed shape or feel different (eg. itching, burning) see your GP just to be sure.   

Anyways, on a totally different track it is mid January and the sales are dwindling and are nearing the end. I was able to fit an afternoon of shopping in after my hospital appointment as my mum was taking care of Carson for the day.  Over the years I have seen a pattern in my sales shopping, I get a bit blown away with the reduction of the price and not asking myself the question 'do I really need this item?!'. This leaves me with many items that I never wear and are waste of money.  To be fair this year I have picked up a few items that I am really pleased with and I feel I will get plenty of wear. 

One of my favorite items is this flocked dress which I picked up for £29.99.  I am still in the process of trying to loose the mummy tummy so the clinch just below the waist is not the best for my body shape at the moment (kinda makes me look like i'm still pregnant). However, I do think in a couple of weeks this dress will be gorgeous on as I love the vintage look the dress has.  The sheer sleeve is perfect as I hate my upper arms and the dress length is perfect to wear with tights. 

Have you picked up any worthy bargains from the sales so far?? Vx   

7 January 2014

Bling!...the perfect going out shoes

I am a little obsessed with shoes at the moment.  My pre-pregnancy wardrobe had all basics covered however pregnancy was rough on my feet and I don't know whether it is swelling or my feet have actually put on weight but I have went from a size 6 to a size 7! So I am currently buying new shoes to fit my size 7 boats.  Still on the wish list is a plain pair of point court shoes to add to 'wardrobe-30' if anyone knows of where I can get a really lovely comfortable pair please let me know. These days I can literally sit for hours (in between changing nappies and feeding Carson) looking through Topshop, ASOS, Zara, Aldo and many more shops online trying to find the perfect shoes to add to my 'wardrobe-30'. I have already purchased new midi everyday wear black ankle boots and flat black Chelsea boots in the sales.  

Back to these bling beauties, I just am so excited about these new shoes that arrived this morn I had to share. These are my birthday shoes purchased specially for my birthday at the end of the month (the big 3-0 eeekk!) and I am currently trying to put together an outfit to wear.  I fell in love with these shoes the moment I seen them, but I never got round to getting them until I seen them in the sale and I feel it was meant to be as there was only one pair left in the shop and they were my size...I believe it was fate.

While I was out shopping I found these adorable little black baby hi tops in Marks and Spenser,  I just couldn't resist them....very cute! Vx