22 October 2015

Camel obsession

Ok I'm obsessed with camel coats at the moment, yesterday I was in my attic searching for my camel coat from 2 years ago so I could wear it again! Heading out tonight and putting together outfit...
Coat- New Look £29.99 (yes that is the correct price what a bargain and it's really lovely on!)
Shoes- Zara £29.99
White structured shirt - Urban Outfitters sale £20
Jeans- Jamie £40

16 October 2015

Comfort and style is always win win

I always think trainers just dress down an outfit and are never an option over boots. I have been ignoring the trend for trainers, jeans, long coats, big scarf and big bag, however, I have been won over! 

Since booking my trip to Iceland and looking for shoes which are comfortable and stylish I have since purchased 3, yes three pairs of comfort trainer type shoes! 

Firstly l purchased Keds (see Asos) a shoe boot with fur lining mainly because I thought these would be cosy while trekking around the Icelandic countryside.

My second pair are Fred Perry black leather slip on shoes which I purchased because quite frankly I seen plenty of them during Paris fashion week and quite liked the look with jeans and camel coat.

And my third pair are adidas originals white leather slip ons which were down in sale urban outfitters and I wanted a white  pair to change from black freds! 

9 October 2015

New for Autumn!

I'm obsessing over camel coats, massive scarfs and colourful faux fur scarfs at the moment and cannot wait to get this burgundy number! Here is my outfit choice for October.

Coat - Zara £99.99
Jeans - Asos £17
Burgundy fur - New Look £17.99

4 October 2015

A little bit of Lush!

I am constantly looking for something that works for my skin as no matter what I try after a while it doesn't agree with my skin. My skin changes constantly through out the month from dry and flaky to oily with outbreaks I can never seem to get the balance. Recently I was recommended Lush natural products for cleansing, toning and exfoliating so I went yesterday and purchased these three lovely items. Firstly the cleanser '9 to 5' made with orchid and almond oil which I tried out last night and it took off all my makeup including eye makeup really quite easy. My skin felt clean and moisturised and the smell of the lotion was calming. After cleansing I used the 'angels on bare skin' exfoliating face and body scrub made with ground almonds and lavender and a few other natural ingredients. Firstly it smells amazing and I don't even like lavender! The texture is good I took a small amount in the palm of my hand and added warm water turning it into a paste which I applied to my face leaving it on for a few minutes. My skin felt good after and it might have been in my head but I'm near sure my skin was kinda glowing ha! After exfoliating I sprayed my face with the toner 'Breath of fresh air' and to be honest the spray was a bit much I was hoping for more of a most spray were I practically sprayed and got the shock of my life! After about three sprays on my face I took a cotton pad and removed it and my skin felt refreshed and firmer. I will continue using these three products as part of my daily routine for the next month and see how it goes.

29 September 2015

Autumn Style inspiration

I am always impressed with Zara's Autumn/Winter range as I adore minimal coats and chunky scarfs I have just went through Zara online and here is a couple of my Autumn choices, which I will probably be purchasing shortly! 


9 August 2015

I recommend if your ever in Belfast to visit the St George's Markets. My family and I went this morning for a look and it was amazing to see how popular St Georges market has become. There are many different stalls all with really different, quirky items for sale, including fish, shellfish, fruit and veg to paintings and art work it has something for everyone! Plus I love the buzz it brings to an awesome city! Vicky x

4 July 2015

Swedish Hasbeens!

I had been looking for a pair of shoes/sandals that are both comfy with a 70's look and I came  across Swedish Hasbeens online. Now I know I'm a bit slow off the mark, as Swedish Hasbeens have been around for a while (SJ Parker has been seen in them many times) but now that I have found them I can tell you they are amazing!
It did take me a week to wear them in (as the new leather and wood kinda had a new squeak to them) but now they are pretty comfy. At the moment I love wearing them with mid length denim button through skirt and folk top, but pretty much go with any outfit and will be my summer wardrobe shoe of choice! Vicky x

14 June 2015

The Moody Boar

Today was such a lovely day we decided to head to Armagh for lunch and take Carson to the park.  I had heard really good things about the Moody Boar at the Palace Stables in Armagh and was eager to try it out for myself.  Although it is very popular we rang ahead only half an hour before arriving to make sure there was room and the staff were really accommodating.  The sun was shining so we sat outside, which was perfect as the courtyard was safe enough for Carson to run about without hurting himself or disturbing anyone.  The menu was really good, I felt there was a good selection and everything sounded so tasty. I went for the selection of homemade bread with olive tapenade and olive dipping oil and the sea bass and pollenta chips for main and Carson had a children's steak burger and chunky chips.  The staff were lovely and very attentive and with the weather being so nice and sitting in the courtyard if felt like we were on holiday! Afterwards I took Carson to the park across the road where he had an absolute ball and really tired himself out playing about in the sunshine.  Brilliant family day.  Vicky x

My sea bass main
The lovely starter - Smoked Salmon 

The Palace Stables Coutrtyard

11 June 2015

Marc Jacobs

I've had so many complements about my black leather Marc Jacobs watch I thought I would do a quick blog post on it.  I think the era of the rose gold Michael Kors watch is nearing an end and a more basic, simple watch style is on the rise (well this is what the sales girl at House of Fraser told me upon purchasing) I do agree with her though I love this watch!  I have been wearing lots of silver jewelry lately so when I decided to get a new watch it had to be silver. The watch is only new out and not overly expensive pretty mid range.  I have wore it every day since purchase and know I will get lots of wear ut of it over the summer with all my laid back looks.  Vicky x

10 June 2015

Lovely stripes!

I am in love with stripes! There I have said it, from year to year they never go out of fashion....just a little update from time to time. A little French Parisian outfit for a chilled evening is my perfect get up these days.  This is actually a full outfit that I have bought recently. The Zara trousers are the comfiest item of clothing I own at the moment and the length is perfect. I had been looking for a soft trench coat for a while, I had seen a nice olive green one in Zara but they were constantly sold out in my size.  So just by luck while popping into my local Topshop I seen this camel coloured soft trench and once I tried it on I had to buy it (I recommend buying a size smaller as it is very over sized). The top from Urban Outfitters is really lovely and the material is amazing. It comes in three different colours (dark navy, red and green). Check items out below. Vicky x