4 February 2015

Feeling blue?

I've been excitedly trying to redecorate my house the past couple of months and I now feel like we are eventually getting somewhere.

We recently bought a new sofa (soft carmel colour) waiting for it to be delivered in 4 weeks time so I want to get the living room walls and decor sorted before it arrives.

We got some retro wallpaper (check out previous blogs) on before Christmas so I want the decor to come together now that the sofa we have choose is within the retro 1970's feel we have going on! At the moment we are looking at a deep blue pallette what do you think?

23 January 2015

Heart Drop Box wedding guest book

If you want something unique for your wedding why not have a Heart Drop box wedding guest book! I had this one at my wedding and everyone loved it!

Only £105 15x15 holds approx 150 small hearts (not including delivery)

Message below for details

Vicky xx

21 January 2015

Daily greatness!

I've seen these journals about for a while but I didn't really know what to make of them. My attitude is that you should be able to do things for yourself without any self help books but that's why this is slightly different. My greatness journal came today and I love it!

I am a sucker for a lovely book or journal and this has not disappointed. For starters it feels pure quality it is of a good size (it was actually larger than i expected but for £35.99 it is worth the money) and the content is really helpful.

There are loads of inspiring quotes and the layout it really easy to work with. It took me about an hour to complete the first part which sets out what you want to achieve in the year ahead, but it was really thought evoking and I actually feel more positive already! Highly recommend.

27 November 2014

House update

For a while now Chris and I have been redecorating the house. We are getting married in a couple of weeks time and as it's a new stage in our life we wanted to update the house out with the old and in with the new.

The downstairs bathroom was only finished yesterday and we are so pleased with the results. I got inspiration from Coppi Belfast when I was there a couple of weeks ago for lunch. I loved the way they used metro white porcelain tiles and dark grouting and Edison bulbs in every light fitting. I loved the industrial feel of the restaurant. So when I found the black steel hanging mirror in Tkmaxx I knew it was perfect for the downstairs bathroom revamp. The tiles were bought really cheap from B & Q (£15 for 50) and the grey grout was £10 for a large bag. We absolutely love the overall look we are now wanting to get some pictures up on the left hand wall.

The livingroom was also redecorated recently. I have never had a 'theme' before but im obsessed with Pinterest, and constantly wanting to be inspired by new ideas in design. Recently I have been attracted to teak furniture with a modern twist. I have been looking on Gumtree everyday watching out for particular furniture pieces that fit my style. The picture shows a small corner of the room but you can see the look I have went for. The clock is amazing made 1975 in a sunburst design, it is in near perfect condition and in good working order. I found it on ebay and only cost £27 but I really feel it is a statement piece. The drawers are so dinky but perfect for that particular corner of the room bought from a lady in Ballymena who just wanted to get rid of them for £20 and I love the contrast of the teak wood against the 1970s style wallpaper (wallpaper by Scion Wabi Sabi design £30 a roll). We are wanting to buy a new tan sofa in the New Year so looking forward to that!


Saturday night outfit!

I think I'm sorted for Leahs 30th on Saturday night, that is if all my online orders come on time before then.

The faux leather deep red skirt is from River Island £30, top from Urban Outfitters (sale) £20 and sandals from Topshop (sale) £35.

(photos from websites as above)


25 November 2014

New shoes!

Heading out for my friends 30th at the weekend  and not a notion what I want to wear. I have been trawling the websites trying to find something a bit different. Looking on the River Island website I found these Croc effect mule shoes which I think will look amazing with scuba trousers...what would you wear them with?


11 November 2014

Wedding shoes!

I just bought my wedding shoes and I love them! Ever since watching Sex and the City with Carrie and her walk in wardrobe and never ending designer shoe collection, I have wanted to wear a pair of Jimmy Choos on my wedding day...and im actually going to!! I've been putting this purchase off for a while but I took the bull by the horns this morn and purchased my first (and probably only) pair of Jimmy Choos!

I'm in love!

7 November 2014

1970's twist livingroom

As I am never one to sit for long, even with all the wedding plans going on, I decided to update my house decor. A couple of weeks ago I redecorated the master bedroom with dark forest green accent walls and 1970's  G Plan dresser, and im now onto the living room.

Our livingroom has seen many changes over the years of us living there, my style and ideas change on a daily basis so it is hard for me to pick and stick. This time I really want to get the look right especially as I've decided to wallpaper!!

I have searched high and low for suitable wallpaper and eventually decided to keep with my already chosen 1970's theme. I found a loop pattern paper from Scion(Arthouse) Wabi Sabi range which I thought would be perfect. We chose the dark cream and light cream colour as the pattern, I feel, should do the talking.

We also bought authentic 1970's drawers with amazing detailed wooden loop handles which sits perfectly against the loop wallpaper.

I also want to pull out my electric fire and replace it with logs but Chris thinks I'm mad....should I?

The decoration has only begun as I now want to accessories with quirky or vintage items so I am continually looking on Rockettstgeorge and Cox and Cox websites.

What do you think of my wallpaper choice?

Vicky xx

(Pic taken from wallpaperdirect and pinterest)

1 November 2014

Wedding invites sent!

I can't believe it after months of design, making and printing I have finally sent the wedding invitations.

Hopefully I will know by the end of November who will be going and sort the menus . There is so much still to be done but at least that part is now done. What do you think?

19 October 2014

October New clothes #2

With my hen do only next week I really need to get organised with what I will be wearing. We are heading to Malta for 4 nights staying in St Julian at Le Meridian Spa hotel and I cannot wait!

I have been trying on all my holiday clothes, but none of my bikinis fit anymore (nearly but just not quite) so I bought a really nice black and white swimsuit from debenhams (with the obligatory tummy control element and low leg).

Now that the sales are in full swing I love a bit of Urban Outfitters for holiday clothes. I bought a couple of loose fitting tops, a pair of black levi shorts and a black mid length kimono/cardigan. 

Do you have any favourite items of clothes you bring on holidays?

(Pictures taken from Urban Outfitters website)

See here: www.urbanoutfitters.com/uk/index.jsp

Two favourite purchases:

Levi shorts: £20

Cardigan: £20